Election 2010

Go out and vote!
Every voice counts.

On the road to equality..


Oh what a day!

So its 1am. *yawn* I’m tired.
I was falling asleep, but I don’t want to go to sleep without my babe. (She’s doing hw).
So I decided to pull out my phone, and pull up my WordPress App. Isn’t technology wonderful??

Today was such a slow day! And oh god I hate mondays. Why? Because Evelyn has school almost all day. (<-exaggeration) We did however manage to squeeze in some quality time together. What did we do? We went to the mall! LoL. I must say, I love shopping!! We actually saw some very nice things for babies. We picked out the things we would love to get for our future children, the children we don't have yet. We also looked at some furniture for our future house.. we picked out furniture.. lamps.. carpet.. pictures.. it was so all so pretty.

We actually had a wonderful time window shopping. She called it a dream list. I call it a priority list.
(Set your goals, put your mind to it, and just do it!)

Halloween Picture Update

I know my camera phone isnt that great. My digital camera broke unfortunately. And this is the best I could do lol. Hes cute isnt he?? =]

Happy Halloween!!!

I’m sure that there will be many baby pictures with cute little babies wearing their costume today! I wont be left oout of this one! =]
Today I am going to go trick-or-treating with my baby brother and my nieces. SO yes I will have baby pictures too!

Heres one of last year when Geo was 10 months. He loved dressing up.

Just simply cold..

Its Saturday afternoon and i find myself feeling a little out of tune with the world. Im watching the trees sway because of the wind. How I detest being cold. but this is what I get for walking to the park. Grr. I’m a couple of miles away from home and my phone is dead. So instead I sat down took out my laptop from my bag and now here I am.

I have nothing to do, nothing to say.. its like i freeze when I get cold. Not only that but this weather makes me gloomy and sad.

Where is my other half? She’s at her parents house celebrating her sisters birthday. Another reason why I’m sad. Its a reminder that just ¬†because they understand that Evelyn is a lesbian doesn’t mean that they will like me or accept me into their house. Things just suck right now.

Its all about timing.

I know I said I wasn’t going to obsessed over having a baby. But preparing isn’t bad is it? I think not.

I’m contemplating over how much time I should wait. I’m only 21 and I know I have a lot of time. But why do I feel like my time is running out? I guess I understand that I have a lot of things I need to do before I bring a baby into this world. I want to prepare myself to be the best mom I can for my future children.

I know that I would be able to buy a house in a year or two without a problem. If I have a home and a stable job, should I have a baby then? Or should I wait?..but wait for what? I feel like if I wait to long it will be too late.

If you had the opportunity to have a baby at age..let’s say 23 would you have a baby? Do you wish you would have concieved at a younger age? What age is perfect to bring a baby into this world?
Ah so many questions.. so little time…..hmm.. never mind.. so much time.
What a pity. I hate waiting.

Lets get married baby! <3

Eve told me today that I need to slow down a little. ¬†I keep talking about babies and making a lot of plans. The truth is that we’re not having a baby yet, we have a lot of preparing to do. I suppose Im just afraid that if I want too long that I will never have a baby. And theres nothing else in the world I want more than a to have a child.

So.. instead of torturing myself I’m going to shift my focus from baby to marriage. I suppose that I don’t make such a big fuss over marriage because I feel like I am already married. But giving it some consideration I think its best that we make our commitment official. And all of a sudden I feel all excited about getting married! I know I’m strange at times.


Lets just hope that everything goes well in the California elections. We don’t want a woman like Meg Whittman running our state and supporting prop 8.